I am an Interdisciplinary artist (Sculpture, photography, painting, video, performance, installation, interactive events), and independent content creator who Born in 1998. 

Grew up in Tel Aviv to a single mother, based in Tel-Aviv-Berlin.

in 2020 graduated with honor  at Minshar Art School, and got an emerging artists scholarship from the American Israel Culture Foundation. 

my relationship with making art and culture events became deep in my teen years when I dropped from high-school around age 17.  i broad experience as an organizer and producer of several Cultural, Music events and Exhibitions in abounded place and alternative spaces in the city and in nature.

In Formal venues i participate in exhibitions and event at Barbur Gallery, Noulobez Gallery, Hagada Hasmalit, Beit Elians, Beit Ariella Library, Zimmer Gallery, Hamekarer.

I had a Solo performance show at “Ha’Simta” theater, “Aviv” festival 2018.

I produced 2 art and philosophy workshops in Europe: One during my own residency in “Stolpe”, Germany, in 2018 and one in Tuscany, Italy, in 2019.

I strive to produce an intimate interaction.
I take inspiration from the dynamics of such conversations with close friends, where one can touch on the most painful subjects, and then burst out laughing at them, where nothing is tabu.
I spread over many mediums and produce works at a fast pace and in large quantities. 
Shifting between the variety of mediums is for me like a possessed little girl wallowing in an amusement park, being under the spell of insatiable  craving to swallow everything; exercising her freedom, or rather trying to fill a bottomless hole. It is a place where the only certainty is irrationality. A surreal place.
My creative process is playful, intuitive, seemingly arbitrary. I move between intuition and conceptual polish, between the popular and the esoteric.
 I draw materials from the narrative of my life - where there is always a relationship with a missing factor.
I juxtapose bits of my own identity with symbols and stories containing a cultural and historical charge. I strip them from their skin, mix them, and turn them into a testimony of my being an absorbing, creative human being, who just happens to be alive in a certain moment in time.