I strive to produce an intimate interaction.
I take inspiration from the dynamics of such conversations with close friends, where one can touch on the most painful subjects, and then burst out laughing at them, where nothing is tabu.
I spread over many mediums and produce works at a fast pace and in large quantities. 
Shifting between the variety of mediums is for me like a possessed little girl wallowing in an amusement park, being under the spell of insatiable  craving to swallow everything; exercising her freedom, or rather trying to fill a bottomless hole. It is a place where the only certainty is irrationality. A surreal place.
My creative process is playful, intuitive, seemingly arbitrary. I move between intuition and conceptual polish, between the popular and the esoteric.
I draw materials from the narrative of my life - where there is always a relationship with a missing factor.
I juxtapose bits of my own identity with symbols and stories containing a cultural and historical charge. I strip them from their skin, mix them, and turn them into a testimony of my being an absorbing, creative human being, who just happens to be alive in a certain moment in time.


Artistic Experiences


DUO Exhibition
At Framed Gallery Berlin
Exhibition of own artworks with the artist Roi Alter


Production and Screening of video works
At Cabaret Performance at Jugend Widerstands Museum, Berlin. 

Group Exhibition
At Minshar Gallery Tel Aviv
Curated by Mika and Avi Milgrom


Chess and Tango
At Queer Tango Club Tel Aviv
Performance collaboration

Follow Spot 

At Cameri Theater Tel Aviv
Stage Designer with the collaboration of Roi Alter for the work of 

Aharon Levin and the pianist Itamar Gross



Head in the Wall

At Spring Festival at the Simta Theater

Solo Performance
Nothing Compares to you
At the Nulobaz Gallery in legs TLV Event

Performance with the artist Alejandra Levy



Low Intensity Disaster 

At Beit Ariela Library Festival 

Fanzine production team, curating and participating in the exhibition 



Art residency at BestOnest  
Stolpe, Germany


Untiltled works, Unknown Artists

Abandoned places in Tel Aviv

Curating Group Ehxibitions



Residency with Artist Alejandra Levy

At Barbur Gallery 



Queer Performance at a workshop hosted by artist Natalie Igor Dobkin 

At the Alfred-Cooperative Institute of Art and Culture Tel Aviv


Group Exhibition Awwar

At Beit Alliance

Performance and Installation at the exhibition



 Other Experiences 


2017-2020 Private assistant of italian Doctor Marina Arbib and an active editor in

the creation of content for the courses "Italian Cinema in Social Context

Context" and the philosophy course "From Nietzsche to Freud" at the

IDC Center Herzliya


2014-2017 Active in the "Zimmer"; a non-profit Venue in Tel Aviv of experimental

and avant-garde culture; operating on the site, producing events and

artistic participation


2015-2017 Volunteering at the Zimmer Time for Refugee Children during the and 

an active part in organizing and producing a cultural event to raise funds